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Located a little north of a field full of steaming holes and boiling water, the geysir sits quietly after the last eruption, which threw many liters of boiling water almost 20 meters into the air. Now, after water has finished rushing down into the for a while seemingly bottomless hole, the geysir sits silent and still.
For a while all is quiet, and the water steams passively in the cold air. Deceptively immobile on the surface, the warmth in the ground heats the water, already nearly a hundred degrees celsuis hot, to even higher temperatures. The weight of the water on top of this superheated bubble keeps it liquid, at least for the time being.
On the surface, a few bubbles break in the still, cold air. The geysir is coming alive.
For a short while, nothing happens. Then the water suddenly rises, threatening to let out the bubble of superheated steam that is forming below. But the weight of the water is still enough to keep the geysir from erupting, and so it only breathes instead, in irregular gulps. The geysir does this several times, and he weight of the water is always enough to keep the eruption at bay.
Then: a bubble of steam breaks through, hesitating a moment mere inches under the surface before it bursts up with a loud, hissing whoosh. Superheated water flashes into steam, erupting skywards and taking boiling water with it. The water rains down again in a splatter on the rocks as the small cloud of steam drifts away in the breeze.
Water rushes back into the hole, tens then hundreds of liters. The leftower water sloshes around for a minute or two before it settles down.
And once again, Strokkur is silent.
... wow. This has been sitting in my computer for a couple of months now. Written during my summer holidays in Iceland, after we went to see Strokkur.
Iceland is awesome.
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September 10, 2012
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