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"Our name is Sirius."
The words echoed in the empty room. The two young women had spoken at the same time, two voices perfectly in tune with each other. The women themselves were almost mirror images. Soft, white skin, white hair, milky white irises, lips a very pale pink; they had no real colour. They had the same face, the same build and the same white clothes. The only difference between them was that one had bangs and the other didn't.
They moved in perfect sunchronisation, like mirror images of each others. Their faces were blank, but vague interest showed in their eyes.
"What, both of you?"
"Are you twins?"
"The word does not cover the extent of our bond. But your language lacks a proper phrase, so we will accept the term."
"Alright, then. But what are you?"
They were silent, faces impassive but eyes sharp and piercing.
"That is not for you to know."
"Why not?"
"That is not for you to know."
Their piercing eyes softened.
"You are frustrated. Do not be. We have no ill will towards you."
"Prove it."
"Impossible. There is nothing we could do to harm you."
"As if."
"We are unable to do harmful things to those who do not deserve it."
"Again, prove it."
"Impossible. There is no-one here who deserves harm."
"Alright. I give up."
They smiled slightly.
I... Honestly, I don't really know where this came from. You get the concept, don't you?
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September 1, 2012
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